Who’s Done A Mixtape?

I’m Kerry Jean Lister, mother of two boys, live by the sea, love a good pint.


I used to listen to music all the time – at home, at work, walking down the street, sat on the bus/tube. I used to DJ a bit here and there. I ran a music podcast that featured mixes from all my favourite DJs (and me!). There was never really I time I wasn’t listening, consuming, enjoying, discovering new music, discovering new old music I’d never heard before, listening to house mixes, jazz mixes, Spotify Playlists. My friends are DJs, producers, label managers, A&R, radio producers, podcasters. My husband Jim – who I met on a house music message board talking about Prince – is a DJ and collector and has his own radio show.

But after I had my first son – George – I lost that connection. I was listening passively, mainly at home and allowing Jim to be the selector, consuming whatever music he was enjoying at the time. Why did that happen? There are a number of reasons…

  • My attention was elsewhere – I had to listen to/for George
  • I was never really on my own – I was always with George
  • It felt like an additional layer of noise: life is loud when you have kids, peace is rare and much sought after
  • I wasn’t working and thus didn’t require the ‘headphones moments’ you get during the commute or when you need to get your head down and shut out the cacophony of the office
  • I just didn’t really have the time or the inclination to seek out music in the way I had before.

Anyway – to cut a long story *slightly* shorter – I now have two sons, I’m back at work, and I’m finding I have the time/inclination/desire to refocus on music.

And I thought that other mums (and dads!) might be interested in hearing the music I’m loving, as they may not have the time/inclination/desire to seek out music themselves. Hence the blog!

I hope you enjoy listening 👍